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That's how we make the magic. With gentle encouragement and big, snorty laughs we'll get you out of your head and in the moment.

That's when we take the picture and the whole world sees the person your loved ones see – just perfect.

Our headshot sessions are like a cosy, fun party.  We are your hosts and you're our guest of honour. We'll make a big fuss and make you feel like the most important person in the world.

Ready for some fun?

Let’s show the world all the incredible things you have to offer.
Write something about turning into the star we know you are??

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Peeps we work with.

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The Startup


Your dreams are usually bigger than your budget.
You're in a hurry to get places so we'll take 15 minutes to nail your headshot session together.

Choose your favourite photo and we'll give it a light Photoshop and signature Photoform* filter.

The Entrepreneur


You like options so we'll take 30 mins and work a few different poses. Standing up, sitting down, happy or serious - you're the boss.

Pick your 2 faves and we'll give them a light Photoshop and the signature Photoform* filter.  We'll send them electronically quicker than you can say 'OMG I look hot!'

lock it in!

save your date!

The Works


You're at the top of your game so let's show the world what you've got. We'll mix it up - headshots inside then jump outside for photos with a different flavour. We can add a stylist, hair and makeup, you name it! Say the word and we'll get quotes for your very own glam team.

Pick your favourite 4 from the shoot and we'll give them a light Photoshop and our signature Photoform* filter. We can't wait to see what you do with your photos.

Team Sessions


Show your team off with headshots and team photos.  The more peeps in the session, the better value it is per person. We start with a $100 call out fee then charge per person in your team. What on earth is less expensive the more you book?  We are.

We'll nail your headshots efficiently saving you precious time for work or play! Your team picks their favourite and we'll give it a light Photoshop and the signature Photoform* filter.

Prices start at

Headshots to get you working.            

um, book me in!


The Works

go team go!

Let's talk extras!


pre order a custom colour background roll

available in 2.7m and 1.35m lengths

$220 for 2.7m rolls and $170 for half rolls

every colour of the rainbow available

great for regular team sessions - keep your roll on site

Colour Rolls

Match your headshot background roll to your brand colour palette.

we need to talk!

Personal Stylist

Take your headshot session to the next level with your own stylist.

nail an editorial look with professional styling

perfect for image conscious professionals

ask us for a quote: $250 - $650 depending on stylist

Hair &

Camera ready with your own hair and makeup artist.

professional hair and makeup for EXTRA confidence

we'll hook you up with some of the best in australia

ask us for a quote: $250 - $650 depending on artist

shoot me photoshop me!

colour match products and change backgrounds

we make the impossible, possible

$45 per image

the only limit is your imagination

flawless complexion with old school dodge and burn

Light touch or eliminate every damn pore please! It's your choice and our secret. 2 levels, light and advertising grade. Up your online confidence. 

Level 1
Light Touch

$15 per image

fly-away hairs and small blemishes - be gone!

finished with our signature photoform* filter

colour perfection with colour correction

a hint of teeth whitening

Level 2

Photoshop Options

shoot me filter me!

desaturated fashion look great for earthy tones and neutrals

$5 per image or $10 for up to 10 images


pastel highlights and soft sage greens

light and airy beachy vibes

$5 per image or $10 for up to 10 images


creamy clean pop - works on most images

$5 per image or $10 for up to 10 images

Photoform* Signature

understated and always in style

we fine tune every image adjusting contrast and tone

$5 for a single image or $10 for up to 5 images

add a hint of colour with a custom filter

Black and White

A filter for every project. We'll be your filter gurus and guide you to the best for your project. We can also customise a filter just for you.

Creative Presets & Filters

So we were gonna get all Anna Wintour on you and dictate what you should be wearing for your headshot session. 

Like always match your shoes to your bag to your lipstick to your phone. Ridiculous!

Fashion is so personal yeah? Who are we to dictate what you should and shouldn't wear?

Am I right Anna?

There's also some things you should avoid on camera. Narrow stripes or fine checks are usually a no-no. Why? There's a thing called moiré. Without getting too technical, fine stripes and checks give camera sensors a melt down and cause an optical illusion.  

See this? That's a moiré. 'That's a moiré', get it? I crack myself up.

Some clothing colours flatter and some photography background colours flatter.

We are obsessed with cream/nude coloured backgrounds right now 'cos they make skin POP.

Pair that with a nude or soft salmon pink ensemble and you gonna s-l-a-y like B-e-y-o-n-c-é.

That said, we have years of experience and know what looks good on camera. A headshot is about showing off your lovely face and the less distractions, the better.

Let's start with the basics. Your wardrobe is an ideal branding opportunity and you'll need your outfit to match your brand.

So if you're heading to Coachella go rock that party romper, henna tatts, full body bling and 90s up-do. But if you're a pre school teacher at a conservative Christian school - not so much.

Now to grooming and makeup. Again, we aren't here to judge anyone's choices.  But keep a light touch to your makeup unless you have mad skills.  Go hard with moisturiser though it will make your skin glow.

A fresh haircut always looks great. Good lighting and photoshop can hide a multitude of sins but bad hair is almost impossible to fix later.

There's nothing sexier for your skin than hydration, a good diet and a good night's sleep before the shoot. Yeah I know, boring but true.

Hope this helps. If you're super confident in the wardrobe department ignore everything we've said and let your freak flag fly baby!

And if all else fails bring every single thing you own and we'll guide you on the day. Or better yet, we'll book you a stylist.

We'll be your outfit guides.

We know some clever tricks.

If you're not a confident dresser - keep it simple. All white, black or one colour is foolproof.

Keep the colours muted and on the natural/earthy side of the colour spectrum if you're not sure. We love denim and everyone looks great in it. Even cats.  Especially cats.

Avoid busy patterns or keep them to a small part of your look like a tie or scarf. Play to your colour strengths. Darker skin tones can usually get away with big colour. Me? I'm on the paler side and bright yellow on me should never be seen.

Keep it simple, Simon.

Colours that flatter, matter.

Snog, marry avoid.

Hydrate people, hydrate.

Show up and slay with your headshot style guide.

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