Personal branding photography for
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Do you want to take your personal brand to the next level but don't know where to start?

How would you like a suite of scroll stopping, PR ready images to help promote you and your biz?

What is personal branding photography and how can it level up your biz?

Personal branding is about creating a brand around you.

Hands up if you think personal branding is only for influencers like Kim Kardashian? What if I told you one of our recent personal branding sessions was with a cancer researcher? Not exactly lightweight. You might think a personal branding session has to involve props, confetti and multiple locations. It can be all that but it can also be just you and your incredible face and even with your products.

The aim is to create as much content in the shortest time possible to show off to potential clients and help you show up on social media or in your marketing materials.

Personal branding photography is about creating a range of professional photos for you and your business that are on brand and on point. Whether you work for a company, you're a consultant, a small business owner or even a medical professional it's about putting your amazing face front and centre.  It's about showing up on your website and social media in the most authentic, polished and professional way possible.

We recognise you as a grown up - not a girl boss or a she-preneur.  You're a boss, an entrepreneur. You want images that are fun but don't infantilise you, your career or the way people view your personal brand.

Book me in and brand me!

Why do you need personal branding photography?

Picture this:

Your phone rings. R-i-n-g!

You've just been nominated for a national award. Omg - go you!

They have a deadline and need professional photography of you by end of business - today.

You scroll through your phone desperately trying to find one where you look ok.

Is that really how you want to present to the world? With personal branding photography from your phone? 


We will work with you and plan every detail of your photo session to create a suite of beautiful images to use in social media, on your website that tell the story of you and your small business or brand. Photos that will connect with your ideal clients or customers.

Our work is fresh and authentic. We focus on making you feel comfortable. When you feel good, you look good and your personality shines through. Simple. The entire experience is designed around you and creating as much content as possible to help you elevate your personal brand.

I hate being photographed can you help?

Don't worry, so do we. That's why we clown around and make you feel at ease. We joke and laugh but in an authentic way. We'll capture you in a natural way that shows your personality.

How's these for starters?!

How will personal branding photography help YOUR bIZ?

Your public relations pitch will be way cuter and more journalist friendly with a sexy bunch of media ready images attached.

Add instant personality to your LinkedIn recruitment drive with a photo of ya face.

like this!

Show up on social media, your website and in the press with a new confidence and spring in your step.

We'll sort out the boring stuff like resolution and file formats. You'll have a bunch of awesome branding images quicker than you can say 'Kardashian marriages are short'.

Sold.  Book me in!

How our personal branding shoots work.

Learn more about our process.

Step 1.


Let's get to know each other.  Like a first date but less awkward. You'll do some stalking of our work.  Check out our blog.  Read our About page and make sure our vision aligns with yours.

Connect with us on Zoom or phone and we can get to know each other a bit and we can learn what you need and how we can help you realise your vision.  

We'll work out the details, background colours, whether you want location shots, that kind of thing.  

We will tailor the shoot to your personal brand identity.  We've got several co-spaces with different vibes we can use for business lifestyle images.

Once we find a date I'll send you a tax deductible invoice via Xero where you can make a secure payment on credit card or bank transfer.

Step 2.


We get out our diaries and find a date.  We hook you up with hair and makeup and styling and find dates for them. There's a few options with them depending on budget. You can go to them and get camera ready or they can come to you and be there for the whole shoot for touch ups.

We book you in, lock and loaded. We take a $50 deposit.

We'll then do a quick wardrobe audit and guide you on the best pieces to bring for the day.  We'll also ask you to do a little reading to prepare for the day.  Hot tip - it's all about the smize!

Wanna know our personal branding secret weapon?  Our photographer Myles also shoots fashion, giving him a deep understanding of clothes and colour and understanding how it all ties together.  It will also give your personal branding images an extra edge.

Step 3.

The Shoot.

We think of a shoot as a conversation. We chat, have a laugh and I take pictures. Though I'll give you gentle direction, for me it's about the connection.

I keep posing pretty simple. For non professionals, elaborate posing looks contrived pretty quickly. A photoshoot can feel daunting for a first timer so that's why I work hard to make that connection.

A photoshoot with us is about a simple vision, an authentic connection and amazing pictures for you. I'll also give you simple tips to help you look good on camera. Many clients have told me they've used these camera tips not just in our session but for all their other photos!

If the space allows I'll play some tunes and start taking pictures, talking constantly to get you out of your head.

I start with the headshots first and we will use 2 different backgrounds.

Next up is either photos outside or photos at the co-working space that fits your branding vibe.

Step 4.

Photo selection and delivery.

We do a rough edit of your photoshoot - taking out any unusable images.  Where your eyes are closed or sneezing, that kind of thing.

We'll deliver all usable photos to you in an online gallery for you to make selections.  Usually within a day or 2.  We'll highlight our recommendations

We really suggest you follow our recommendations or you get a friend to give you a second opinion.  Why?  We aren't objective when looking at our own faces.  Science shows us this is the case. (add link to research).

Once you've made your selections we go and do our editing magic.  You get X number of images with a light Photoshop.  We don't believe in overdoing the Photoshop and a light Photoshop is - fix flyaway hairs, little eye pop, hint of teeth whitening and colour enhancing.

Advertising grade retouching is also available at $50 per photo.  You might want that if the photos are to be on a magazine cover for example.

What the

cool kids

are saying about our personal branding photography...

Client personal branding case studies.


Jessie had taken time out from her career in Human Resources to have a baby. She's worked with some big name Aussie fashion brands and wanted a range of images for socials and LinkedIn that signalled to the work force she's ready to work and means business.

Her brief was for a range of personal branding images a cut above your average headshot. With a bit of a fashion edge.

Given Myles's fashion photography background, we nailed her brief if we do say so ourselves.

We are thrilled that Jessie is now General Manager, People & Culture at Brand Collective! Go Jessie.

Over to you Jessie:

Myles is fantastic. He really nailed my non traditional headshot brief, so much so I couldn’t pick just one image; I bought 24.
The end product was authentic, professional but with an edge.

His fashion photography experience helps him create professional headshots that aren’t boring. Major plus is he’s a fun guy! The shoot was a laugh! I felt really comfortable. Thanks, Myles!


Josh has a very cool startup called Single Use Aint Sexy. He needed a bunch of content fast with him and his products in it.

He wanted personal branding images both of him and some with his products.

In a couple of hours shooting he ended up with some cool photos that he was able to use for his PR. We even got him in a bathtub with his products! See the intro section of this page.

He's used the images in some pretty heavy hitting publications - The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, CEO, Mediaweek and more.

Enough from me, let's hear from Josh:

“Myles is a fantastic photographer. He’s able to capture the essence of people’s personal brands in brilliant images that can be used everywhere. We were able to use his headshots & photos in major publications such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The CEO Magazine.”


Renu had just won a grant for cancer research at Peter Mac hospital in her work as a researcher and Urologist.

She needed a range of professional photos for a press release and for her work in the hospital. 

Having great pictures on hand makes good business sense whatever industry you work in. Renu and Peter Mac hospital have been able to use the pictures for press releases, internal communications and electronic direct communications.

This is what Renu had to say:

as seen in!

Myles is absolutely fantastic! Super talented photographer. Made me feel right at ease and confident which translated into great photos! I needed the pics in a hurry. Myles understood this, was able to work around my schedule and I had edited touched up photos within hours! Very responsive to calls and messages. I can't find anything to fault. Would return for future pics in an instant!

Pay it forward.

We believe only ever taking from life is a bit of a dick move.

For that reason, we have chosen McAuley as our charity partner for donations and pro bono photography work. It's our tiny bit we can do to give back to the community and city we love.

McAuley is a grassroots organisation based in Melbourne. They provide practical support for women and children. Please visit them and help if you can.

Shoot me brand me!

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