You're gonna party like it's 1999 with this headshot prep guide.

We'll be your outfit guides.

So we were gonna get all Anna Wintour on you and dictate what you should be wearing for your headshot or personal branding session. 

Like always match your shoes to your bag to your lipstick to your phone. Ridiculous!

Fashion is so personal yeah? Who are we to dictate what you should and shouldn't wear?

Am I right Anna?

We know some clever tricks.

That said, we have years of experience and know what looks good on camera. A headshot is about showing off your lovely face and the less distractions, the better.

Let's start with the basics. Your wardrobe is an ideal personal branding opportunity and you'll need your outfit to vibe with your brand.

So if you're heading to Coachella go rock that party romper, henna tatts, full body bling and 90s up-do. But if you're a pre school teacher at a conservative Christian school - not so much.

Keep it simple, Simon.

If you're not a confident dresser - keep it simple. All white, black or one colour is foolproof.

Keep the colours muted and on the natural/earthy side of the colour spectrum if you're not sure. We love denim and everyone looks great in it. Even cats.  Especially cats.

Avoid busy patterns or keep them to a small part of your look like a tie or scarf. Play to your colour strengths. Darker skin tones can usually get away with big colour. Me? I'm on the paler side and bright yellow on me should never be seen.

Snog, marry avoid.

There's also some things you should avoid on camera. Narrow stripes or fine checks are usually a no-no. Why? There's a thing called moiré. Without getting too technical, fine stripes and checks give camera sensors a melt down and cause an optical illusion.  

See this? That's a moiré. 'That's a moiré', get it? I crack myself up.

Hydrate people, hydrate.

Now to grooming and makeup. Again, we aren't here to judge anyone's choices.  But keep a light touch to your makeup unless you have mad skills.  Go hard with moisturiser though it will make your skin glow.

A fresh haircut always looks great. Good lighting and photoshop can hide a multitude of sins but bad hair is almost impossible to fix later.

This is more for the men - give those scary nose and ear hairs a good trim! Modern cameras show everything.

There's nothing sexier for your skin than hydration, a booze free night, a good diet and a good night's sleep before the shoot. Yeah I know, boring but true.

Hope this helps. If you're super confident in the wardrobe department ignore everything we've said and let your freak flag fly baby!

And if all else fails bring every thing you own to your headshot session and we'll guide you on the day. Or better yet, we'll book you a stylist.

Great look babe!

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